Company Philosophy
& Project Management


Zaarour Sleiman was formed when two highly successful and long established building companies merged.
Karl Zaarour & Sons and Mannix Construction & Developments Pty Ltd merged in August 2005.
Karl Zaarour specialised in building apartments, townhouses, commercial developments, home extensions & renovations around Sydney for the past 45 years.
With sons Claude joining him in 1977 and Christopher and Leba-Karl in 1995, a partnership called Karl Zaarour & Sons was formed to establish a stronger business with an emphasis to building top quality and affordable residential dwellings.
Karl Zaarour & Sons maintained a high level of quality from the foundations to hand over stage by implementing a quality controlled belief of using and contracting first class tradesperson’s. This was made possible by being present on site throughout construction.
Karl Zaarour & Sons was recognised and awarded with four prestigious awards won through the Master Builder’s Association of NSW (MBA).
The first of these was in 1996 for Home Units - Division 4. The second award in 1997 – Division 3 for townhouses and villas. The achievements continued to follow through in 2003 and 2004.
Mannix Construction & Developments Pty Ltd through its many years of committed excellence had also been recognised for its hard work.
Merging both businesses was inevitable. Hence, we are proud to be part of the changing development face of Sydney by implementing our motto “building it right from the start.”